September 2019 News

Mammals’ enhanced capacity to see emerges early in development

September 24, 2019
A new study by a team of Yale researchers examines the neural pathways that shape the way we see the world around us.

Yale researchers use immune system to attack glioblastoma

September 24, 2019
The Yale laboratory of Sidi Chen has developed advanced gene-editing and screening technology to find new targets for cancer immunotherapy.

Yale and climate change: A world of research

September 19, 2019
Throughout the university, there are faculty, students, and staff fully engaged in analyzing the geophysical forces at play in global warming.

YSM researcher explores the genetic origins of sex differences in disease

September 18, 2019
Statistical geneticist Dr. Hongyu Zhao has collected preliminary data to suggest that genetic pathways may relate to some diseases differently in women and men.

Research on mental health following environmental disasters soaring

September 17, 2019
New research led by YSPH finds that the number of studies on how environmental disasters affect mental health has increased dramatically, with similar findings.

Study probes interplay of proteins in type 2 diabetes

September 13, 2019
Yale pathologist study reveals interactions of proteins in type 2 diabetes can be dramatically reduced when small amounts of neighboring proteins are present.

Yale Researchers Join Penn Medicine to Study Opioid Use Disorders

September 13, 2019
Researchers from Yale School of Medicine and Penn Medicine have created a new center to improve our understanding of opioid use disorders.