August 2019 News

Study illuminates how human activity has transformed the Earth

August 30, 2019
A new study by archaeologists shows that humans were transforming the Earth much earlier than previously thought.

Creativity in motion: how Yale engineering puts theory to practice

August 28, 2019
These stories demonstrate how Yale engineers are helping to realize President Salovey’s vision of Yale at the forefront of scientific research and education.

At Yale Science Building, a move-in as big as the research to come

August 27, 2019
The facility will offer faculty and students seven stories and 280,300 square feet of newly finished space for scientific research — once they get moved in.

Genome screen uncovers new targets for cancer immunotherapy

August 22, 2019
A new platform developed at Yale utilizes CRISPR technology to knock out genes individually and test which have the biggest impact on tumor response.

Yale researchers detect unreported Zika outbreak

August 22, 2019
The approach used to discover a large unreported Zika outbreak that occurred in Cuba during 2017 may help uncover other unreported outbreaks around the world.

Mechanical forces impact immune response in the lungs

August 21, 2019
Force and pressure in the lungs alter the way that immune cells respond to infection, a Yale study has found for the first time.

How plants know the difference between night and day

August 21, 2019
In a new study, Yale researchers shed new light on how plants use specialized photoreceptor proteins as biochemical light switches.