May 2019 News

‘Stepped’ treatment reduces drinking in patients with HIV

May 17, 2019
People with HIV who drink too much were more likely to reduce drinking after undergoing an approach to care known as integrated stepped alcohol treatment.

For data science that delves into the brain, Amin Karbasi wins CAREER Award

May 17, 2019
Karbasi, assistant professor of electrical engineering & computer science, as won a 2019 Faculty Early Career Development CAREER Award from the NSF.

Study reveals role of neonatal brain cells in early bonding in mammals

May 16, 2019
Using mice, a Yale-led team of researchers has found clues to what drives the social bond between offspring and caregivers in the first few days of life.

Incarceration for low-level drug crimes rapidly spreading TB in Brazil

May 14, 2019
Brazilian prisoners are 23 times more likely to contract tuberculosis than members of the general population, a new report has found.

Flu virus’ best friend: low humidity

May 13, 2019
Low-humidity — not the cold — may be the reason why flu infections are often worse in the winter, according to a Yale research team led by Akiko Iwasaki.

Biomarker reveals PTSD sufferers at risk of suicide

May 13, 2019
Researchers using PET imaging have singled out elevated levels of metabotropic glutamatergic receptor 5 as a risk factor for suicide in veterans with PTSD.

YSPH collaborating with China to develop new medical payment models

May 10, 2019
Yale School of Public Health Dean Sten H. Vermund traveled to Beijing in January 2019 to meet with officials from China’s National Health Commission.