December 2018 News

Four faculty members win cash prizes at OCR’s Pitchfest

December 20, 2018
Benjamin Chan, John Deacon, Anna Pyle and Alanna Schepartz were awarded prizes for their lifescience pitches at Pitchfest on Dec. 12.

Researchers take aim at gun violence by targeting desire for revenge

December 19, 2018
Mock trials can slake the desire for revenge that motivates much gun violence, a new Yale study has found.

ISPS marks 50 years of supporting research, shaping policy

December 19, 2018
Yale’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies has worked on such pressing issues as criminal justice reform, food insecurity, and educational mobility.

Climate players: Animals can swing a landscape’s capacity to store carbon

December 18, 2018
In a new study, Yale researchers argue that the influence of wild animals on a landscape’s environment must be considered in developing any carbon-cycle models.

When measuring resilience, the type of trauma suffered matters

December 18, 2018
A new study by YSM and the Connecticut VA shows that one’s ability to cope and thrive after trauma depends on more factors than just the individual.

Yale scientists zero in on a cause of deadly brain bleeds in babies

December 18, 2018
A Yale-led team has found genetic biomarkers for a significant percentage of a rare but often deadly malformation of blood vessels in the brains of infants.

President Salovey cuts ribbon for Brain Imaging Center using only his mind

December 18, 2018
From inside an fMRI machine, President Salovey moved a pair of virtual scissors by focusing on certain images for a high-tech ribbon cutting on Dec. 17.