November 2018 News

Gregg Gonsalves reflects on being awarded a MacArthur Fellowship

November 15, 2018
Gregg Gonsalves ’17 Ph.D. is a YSPH professor, an adjunct at YLS, an advocate for HIV/AIDS patients — and a recipient of a 2018 MacArthur “genius” grant.

Health costs of ageism calculated at $63 billion annually, study finds

November 13, 2018
Ageism — prejudice directed at older persons — adversely affects health because it can create stress, which is shown to impact many types of health outcomes.

Simple tips can lead to better food choices

November 12, 2018
Regimented thinking about the benefits of healthy eating can increase amount of healthy food choices between 5% and 11%, a new Yale University study has found.

How cells cooperate to grow hair, replace skin

November 12, 2018
This video from researchers in the Greco lab at Yale shows how stem cells and neighboring cell types influence the growth of hair and the replacement of skin.

Dean’s panel discusses crossing boundaries at alumni assembly

November 9, 2018
A panel of deans at the 2018 AYA Assembly & Yale Alumni Fund Convocation spoke about “crossing boundaries” and preparing students for success.

A toast to the proteins in dinosaur bones

November 9, 2018
Burnt toast and dinosaur bones have a common trait: They both contain chemicals that, under the right conditions, transform their proteins into something new.

Yale study shows immunotherapy drug helps patients with metastatic melanoma

November 8, 2018
New research suggests that melanoma patients with brain metastases should be given a combination of two types of checkpoint inhibitors.