January 2018 News

Study: Geoengineering could imperil most animal groups

January 26, 2018
Geoengineering, or the process of reflecting sunlight away from the earth in order to combat climate change, may do as much harm as good, says new research.

Yale-UConn accelerator puts Connecticut on the biotech map

January 26, 2018
PITCH, a state-funded partnership between Yale and UConn, aims to accelerate the transition from research funding to new clinical treatments.

Study: Abuse and neglect during childbirth common among Jordanian women

January 25, 2018
A new study led by YSPH’s Kaveh Khoshnood, the first of its kind, has found that 32% of Jordanian women report neglect and 37% verbal abuse during childbirth.

Yale researchers propose new ways to select patients for clinical trials

January 25, 2018
In a new study, Yale Cancer Center investigators find that improving models to assess patient risk for breast cancer can result in better trials and results.

Methadone treatment in prison improves behavior, post-release outcomes

January 24, 2018
New research from YSM finds that drug treatment in prison leads to fewer disciplinary actions, and decreases the likelihood of relapse after release.

Isoplexis takes on cancer, one cell at a time

January 22, 2018
Co-founded by Yale’s Rong Fan and Sean Mackay ‘14, the biotech startup is dedicated to fighting cancer and other diseases by improving detection systems.

Implementation science program opens to applications, receives more funding

January 12, 2018
The Yale Scholars in Implementation Science career program has received an additional $1 million in NIH grant funding. Applications are open through Feb. 14.