November 2017 News

Hepatitis C ‘treatment as prevention’ strategy examined in new study

November 29, 2017
New findings by Yale researchers indicate that expanding hepatitis C treatment improves the effectiveness of prevention efforts for some high-risk individuals.

Combining machine and nanoparticles for better transplant outcomes

November 29, 2017
Yale researchers have successfully used a nanotechnology-enhanced drug therapy to suppress inflammation and prevent infection in new kidney transplants.

Small but distinct differences among species mark evolution of human brain

November 23, 2017
A new study shows that the human brain is not only a larger version of the ancestral primate brain but also one filled with distinct and surprising differences.

Salovey to alumni: Yale is forging connections to solve real-world problems

November 20, 2017
President Peter Salovey discussed how Yale is nurturing connectivity and innovation in the arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, and medicine.

Zika-related nerve damage caused by immune response to the virus

November 20, 2017
The immune system’s response to the Zika virus may be responsible for nerve-related complications of infection, according to a Yale study.

Yale engineering team developing a tiny device to improve global health

November 20, 2017
Yale engineers are working to develop a novel method that could dramatically change how tuberculosis is diagnosed and treated.

How politics are affecting health care spending

November 20, 2017
Yale researchers have found that the close link between health care policy and politics is dramatically increasing health care spending.