September 2017 News

Quantum data takes a ride on sound waves

September 21, 2017
Yale scientists have created a device that uses sound waves to store quantum information and convert it from one form to another, inside a single chip.

Genetic risk profile predicts survival for people with severe lung disease

September 19, 2017
An international Yale-led research team has shown that a risk profile based on 52 genes accurately predicts survival for patients with a severe lung disease.

Scientist Joann Sweasy awarded Postdoctoral Mentoring Prize

September 19, 2017
Sweasy, the Ensign Professor of Therapeutic Radiology and professor of genetics, is honored for her strong advocacy for those working in her lab.

Blavatnik Fund for Innovation at Yale enters its second year

September 19, 2017
Faculty can receive funding and support to turn their research into commercial opportunity as the Blavatnik Fund for Innovation at Yale enters its second year.

Americans vastly overestimate progress toward racial economic equality

September 18, 2017
Americans appear profoundly unaware of the vast economic inequality that persists between black and white Americans in contemporary society.

Study uncovers markers for severe form of multiple sclerosis

September 18, 2017
Scientists have uncovered two molecules involved in cell communication and movement that may explain why some people develop progressive multiple sclerosis.

Yale experts explain what parents should know about pediatric obesity

September 18, 2017
There are multiple factors that contribute to childhood obesity, including a clear genetic component, say two Yale experts.