June 2017 News

Risk of rupture in small brain aneurysms is low, study finds

June 6, 2017
Aneurysms are often treated as soon as they are discovered to prevent bad outcomes. However, a Yale researcher has found that the risk of small aneurysm rupturing may actually be quite low.

Study: Many athletes with implantable defibrillators can do sports

June 5, 2017
Some young adults have inherited heart conditions that require them to use an implantable cardioverter defibrillator, or ICD. For years, they were told they could not engage in sports more vigorous than golf. But a new study led by a Yale researcher suggests that the risks of participating in sports for athletes with ICDs are actually quite low.

Study identifies potential health care ‘double jeopardy’ for minority patients

June 5, 2017
A new study sheds light on the depth of health care disparities faced by minority populations in the United States. The findings suggest a possible “double jeopardy” for black and Hispanic patients: Not only has it been shown that members of minority groups receive less high-quality, effective care than their peers, they may also be at risk of receiving more low-value, ineffective care.

Tourette-like tics vanish in mice treated with histamine

June 5, 2017
Yale scientists produced increased grooming behavior in mice that may model tics in Tourette syndrome and discovered these behaviors vanish when histamine — a neurotransmitter most commonly associated with allergies — is introduced into their brains.

Estimating the innovator’s dilemma: Q&A with Yale economist Mitsuru Igami

June 5, 2017
Why do established companies lag behind younger companies in introducing new technologies and innovative products? Yale economist Mitsuru Igami offers a new analysis on the phenomenon.

Yale affirms commitment to progress on climate change

June 5, 2017
The following statement was released today by the presidents of 12 major U.S. research universities, commonly referred to as the “Ivy-Plus” group: In 2015, we were proud to be among 318 institutions of higher education in signing the American Campuses Act on Climate Pledge, affirming our commitment to accelerate the global transition to low-carbon energy while enhancing sustainable and resilient practices on our campuses.

Women’s Health Research at Yale funds studies on colon cancer, infections in pregnancy, and domestic violence

June 5, 2017
Women’s Health Research at Yale announced funding for studies of colon cancer, viral infections during pregnancy, and intimate partner violence.