May 2017 News

Why voters elect authoritarians: Q&A with political scientist Milan Svolik

May 3, 2017
When democracies fail, they often do so gradually at the hands of elected leaders who enjoy robust support from voters, according to Milan Svolik, associate professor of political science at Yale. 

Study of blood vessel growth may open new pathway to therapies

May 3, 2017
A new Yale-led study detailing how blood vessels develop could lead to novel treatments of cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer.

Genetic basis of some cases of Tourette’s disorder discovered

May 3, 2017
Researchers have discovered four genes that are associated with a higher risk of developing Tourette’s disorder, although variants in as many as 400 genes contribute to the origins of the complex neurological condition, which is marked by motor and vocal tics. A consortium of researchers from multiple institutions analyzed the protein-coding genes of more than 500 Tourette patients and unaffected parents and published the results May 3 in the journal Neuron