Navigating Campus during Reactivation

Below you will find several links to information on how best to navigate campus upon return during Reactivation.

Navigating Research Resources

  • Core facilities will be operational and will have modified schedules, instrument availability, policies and access procedures to ensure compliance with reactivation guidelines.  Contact the manager of any core facilities you will need upon return to familiarize yourself with current core operations.

General Campus Navigation

  • Building access will be by key card only.
  • Library Reopening Plan
  • Guidance and Requirements for Vendors 
  • Shuttle busses will be running on a modified schedule. (As Yale Shuttles will be operating at reduced passenger capacity on a limited number of routes, please help coordinate University transportation plans for campus during reactivation by completing the Transportation Survey for Phase 1 researchers.)
  • Parking lots will be open and will not require key card access until further notice.
  • Campus Security and escort services remain active.
  • Child care options may be found here. We continue to work on broader options for child care and will provide updates here at their earliest availability.
  • Food Services may be limited on campus. Plan to bring your own drinks and meals to campus. Consider bringing your own cooler to avoid use of common kitchen areas.

Reopening Plan for University Buildings