Who has a right to access data I collected for my research?

The University must have access to research data and materials to fulfill its stewardship responsibilities. The University has an option to take possession of research data and materials in order to meet its obligations and protect its rights.

In general, individuals retain access to data resulting from research projects they themselves have initiated, and to data acquired by processes for which they were primarily responsible. However, researchers previously given access to research data in connection with a course of study, degree program, or contract may be denied such access at the discretion of the PI or other responsible University official for reasonable cause. Concerns or disputes concerning access to data will be handled by the Office of the Provost.

Faculty, staff, student or person involved in the creation of research data may have the right to review that portion of the research data that he or she created. It is recommended best practice that PIs oversee the creation of a detailed data management plan for research teams involved with a research project, especially when they involve multiple PIs and/or multiple institutions.

In some instances, a research sponsor has a legal right of access or access may be requested through the sponsoring agency under the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

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