What does the policy apply to?

Research data, is defined in the policy as the “the recorded factual information associated with the research” collected or generated in the course of the research, and which may be physical or digital. Research data “necessary for the reconstruction and evaluation of the results of research” are subject to this Policy.

The policy does not apply to data owned by third parties, nor does it apply to data gathered in the course of normal instructional practices. The policy also does not pertain to records maintained by the Office of Sponsored Programs (e.g., proposals, grant award documents, and financial records), which are governed by existing policies.

Research materials, defined in the policy as, “tangible items that are the product of research or that are used to conduct research” are physical items that are generally either purchased by the University or manufactured from materials that were purchased by the University, and are also subject to this policy. Note that a Materials Transfer Agreement must be used to document the transfer of biological materials (plasmids, cell lines, mouse strains, etc.), but also may be used in the transfer of some types of non-biological material.

The policy applies to all University faculty members, staff members, post-doctoral appointees, trainees, students, consultants and any others involved in the design, conduct or reporting of research performed at or under the auspices of the University regardless of the funding source for the project.

Research Data Policy subcategories: