What can researchers take with them when they leave the University?

To the extent provided by the policy and as long as Yale holds ownership of the original data, PIs may take copies of research data when they leave Yale. In cases where research data or materials are subjects to confidentiality or other legal restrictions, PIs are required to seek permission from the Office of the Provost before taking copies. All original research data and materials must remain at the University. Depending on the discipline, some determination may need to be made about what is a copy and what is an original. This is generally decided by the PI. A PI may request transfer of the original research data or materials to their new institution.

If a researcher leaves the University and the project itself is being transferred to another institution, original data and ownership of the data can be transferred to the new institution, per the policy. The University is committed to the continuity of research even when researchers leave Yale. The University has a responsibility to ensure that no obligations or rights have been overlooked in these situations. Most U.S. universities have similar requirements (for example, especially “May Research Records be transferred to a new institution upon the departure of a Principal Investigator?”).

For research materials, transfer requires execution of a material transfer agreement (MTA)  executed by Yale and the recipient institution prior to the removal of the materials or equipment from the University premises.

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