October 2021 News

Q&A: Rong Fan on “senescent” cells and Yale’s new Tissue Mapping Center

October 20, 2021
Yale’s tissue mapping center is one of eight supported by NIH’s Cellular Senescence Network (SenNet), a new initiative of the NIH Common Fund program. It will benefit from a $6.5 million grant over five years. Professor Fan discusses what senescent cells are, why they’re important, and how deeper knowledge of them could treat or slow the progression of certain chronic diseases. 

Tsai CITY Awarded 'Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Center'

October 19, 2021
The Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY) has been named an “outstanding emerging entrepreneurship center” by the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC), announced during the GCEC conference October 15-16, 2021.