Basic Terms

This Agreement is in effect for one year from initiation and automatically renews each year thereafter unless explicitly canceled by one of the parties. In the event that either party wishes to cancel or renegotiate any terms or conditions of this Agreement, they shall notify the other party in writing of the proposed changes and, if required, a meeting to discuss the proposed changes will be held within fourteen (14) days of such notification. The agreement is a one year contract with no refund for early cancellation unless there is evidence of failure to provide required services. Payment for the base account, is for the full year in advance at the rate of $150.00. Please read the "Costs" section for costs for accounts other than a basic account.

Our (ITS) Responsibilities

Under this Agreement, we will provide basic operation and support services as outlined in detail below. Premium/custom services may be available and will be priced based upon staff availability as negotiated between ITS and the client. At the basic service level, the full resources of ITS will be available as necessary to maintain the environment during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5PM. Responses to questions and routine issues will be referred to the next business day. While no service can guarantee 100% reliability Research.Yale.Edu has been designed as a robust environment and downtime should be both rare and minimal.

Client Responsibilities

Client will identify one member of their group to act as the primary point-of-contact (local client contact) for support. This primary contact or owner, should be a FAS faculty member. The local client contact is responsible for any technical issues with your site.

Client maintains final authority over ALL the content material and applications, and must maintain awareness of their responsibilities under University guidelines and policies such as the Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy (ITSAUP). It is the sole responsibility of the client to maintain current patches and bugs fixes to all custom and application codes. Should the Information Security Office (ISO) determine that your site has been compromised or otherwise presents a security risk to others, your site will be blocked by ISO. It is the sole responsibility of the client (owner) to diagnose and repair their site to the satisfaction of the ISO. Should any code or application be found to have a "bug", it is the sole responsibility of the client (owner) to diagnose and repair the "bug".

Client will never be allowed root or physical access to the system.

Other Terms and Conditions

We will make every reasonable effort to meet the needs of Client in providing an environment outlined in this Agreement. However, we will NOT be held responsible for investigating or resolving problems not defined in this Agreement and/or which existed before the initial term of this Agreement and/or which scripts or software not covered by the terms of this Agreement. Local client contact(s) will be notified in person or by electronic mail within twenty-four (24) hours of any client request which cannot be honored under the limitations of this agreement. This Agreement covers staff and resource costs as defined only. Any additional replacement parts, software, equipment, and/or maintenance costs are the responsibility of the client. If you do not have a faculty member as an owner of your site, we reserve the right to refund your payment and remove your site. If it is determined by ITS management that your site requires excessive staff time to support and/or manage, we reserve the right to refund your payment and remove your site.